Teen's Car a green machine

December 5, 2005
Eric Solomonson's car does not support the troops or oppose the war, and it is silent on abortion. But the silver 1991 Mercedes does offer a political statement as it putters around the north suburbs...

Eco-friendly Drivers Find Alternative Fuel Source In The Kitchen

November 30, 2005
With high prices at the pump and the threat of global warming an everyday reality, more Americans are looking into alternative sources of fuel. NY1's Shazia Khan filed this report on one unlikely...

Teens turn fast food to cheap fuel

November 14, 2005
If everything goes according to plan in a Governor Dummer Academy class this fall, a green 1991 Mercedes Benz will gain some new attributes, including a switch that allows the car to run on vegetable...

Higher gas prices could mean cleaner air

November 10, 2005
Bouncing gas prices may be squeezing monthly budgets, but energy experts say a sustained rise in fuel prices could translate to healthier air as drivers look at options that are cheaper, cleaner and...

Grease is the word

November 9, 2005
ExxonMobil recently posted the biggest-ever quarterly profit for an American company, $9.9 billion, but it barely got a dime of it from Anthony Gianakis of East Northport.There are hundreds of...

Twin Cities News

November 9, 2005
Once a week, Kelly Armstrong stops by an Indian restaurant in St. Paul and fills up a 30-gallon drum with used vegetable oil. "They're happy to get rid of it," he said. And with high gas prices,...

Grease-cedes Benz

November 8, 2005
Although the product of this chemistry equation couldn't fit into any science lab, it could hands down pass any emissions test. A car known as the "Grease-cedes" has been converted by students at...

Vegetable fueled 'Greasecar' still running strong

November 1, 2005
KVBC converted a VW Jetta in November of 2004. In this follow up clip the Saving You Money team gives a update a year later and checks in with several Las Vegas folks who have converted.

Alternative to the gas pump?

October 26, 2005
Matt Manders has found a use for vegetable oil other than frying fish or flavoring salad - he'll soon be running a pick up truck with it. The energy-efficient building and remodeling contractor said...

Wisconsin Customer Makes News

October 6, 2005
As the rest of the country grimaces at climbing gas prices, Jack Berry loads buckets of oil into his car and marvels at the words that replay in his head: "Come and get it," the restaurant owners...