Greasecar Valve Comparison

Greasecar is offer four unique lines of solenoid valves designed specifically for vegetable oil conversions. Below is a quick rundown of our valve options to help you decide which ones best meet your requirements. If you're unsure, we always have the recommended valve selected for each vehicle pre-selected for your vehicles kit. All of our valves are solenoid-driven and can be used with either the manual switch or Co-Pilot controller.

SV-100 Solenoid Valves

Built from the ground-up, with Greasecar specifications, our SV-100 valves have become an industry leader in efficiency and reliability. With over 10,000 of these valves in operation, these have a proven track record of being the most reliable valves available for vegetable oil conversions. These are stainless steel with Viton seals, and come with 5/16" hose barbs and a custom mounting bracket (with hardware). SV-100 valves are recommended for all car applications up to 5.0L displacement. 


SV-150 Solenoid Valves

One of our newest valve offerings, these are built on the success of our SV-100 valves in order to satisfy the higher fuel flow requirements of many truck applications. These valves offer the same design features of stainless bodies and viton seals but are designed for higher-flow applications in 6 and 8 cylinder truck/van applications. The SV-150s also have a built-in flush mount bracket for simple firewall mounting, saving you time during installation. These come standard with either 3/8" or 5/16" hose barbs and mounting hardware. SV-150 valves are recommended for 6 and 8 cylinder truck and van applications with mechanical injection systems, but can be used in high-performance automotive settings. 


SV-98 3-Port and 6-Port Solenoid Valves

Working with Hydraforce, Greasecar teamed up to develop a new spool valve meant for high-flow truck and commercial vehicle applications. Designed to meet the requirements of new higher pressure fuel systems, these valves feature larger internal passages than typical spool valves. Viton seals are used throughout, as well as simple clip-in weatherproof Mertipack connectors. The bodies are polished 6061 billet aluminum with SAE-6 threaded ports. 3/8" swivel-lock hose barbs are included as well as stainless mounting hardware. The 6-port allows for easier mounting mounting as both valves are built into the same body, though the 3-port offers the same performance with individual bodies. The valve cartridges are individually serviceable and replaceable without removal of the body from the vehicle. SV-98 series valves are suited for all truck applications.


SV-200 Solenoid Valves

Greasecar's other new valve offering, the SV-200 valves offer the highest flow rating for vegetable oil valves in our lineup. We have done extensive research and testing to find the best possible solution for high flowing fuel systems in newer trucks and commercial vehicles. The SV-200 valves offer the highest flow rating of any solenoid valve we've ever tested. These poppet-style valves feature stainless steel internals and an aluminum housing. Ports are 3/8"NPT and come standard with 3/8" hose barb fittings. The SV-200s are our highest performing valve and recommended for all common rail trucks and large commercial vehicles, though they can be used on older high performance trucks as well.