Greasecar Customer Profiles

I have a 1997 VW Golf Diesel and have been a happy Greasecar customer since October, 2007. I installed the system, with the microcontroller (Copilot), myself (I'm only moderately mechanically inclined), and I went with the larger 15 gallon tank. Since October I've driven approximately 15,000 miles on waste vegetable oil, and it's been smooth as silk, with no issues. I live in a cold climate in Ontario, Canada. I've got a French Fry stand guy giving me his oil.

Randall Webber's Greasecar Jetta. Randall included some photos and info about his filtering setup.

Here it is, simple and workable, the filter came with the brass ends, I had to purchase the PVC connections to hook the 3/4 inch I.D. clear vinyl hose to. I bought the garden hose ends at the hardware store also ( like 79 cents each, the PVC adapters were 29 cents a piece). Do NOT heat your oil past 140f the rubber seals for the garden hose connections don't like it. I usually filter 10-15 gallons per filter cartridge.

Tony Thorpe's Jetta TDI uses Biodiesel as its start up fuel and Grease as its main fuel. Tony uses the Jetta for daily driving while his Greasebus is for touring the country with his band. The Jetta's been burning grease for a year. Check out Natures First Law

This is my second Jeep to install a kit in. fFrst was my Wrangler diesel conversion.

The Cherokee is a U.S, Spec 1985 Turbo intercooled Diesel. 2.1 L Renault. Rare automatic VIN. number 000005. With 58,000 orginal miles on it.

I just ran my second tank of diesel and used 15 gal of diesel and 51 gal of WVO to go 1,538 miles. That is oer 100mpg on the diesel.  Who needs a  hybrid.  

Pat McCotter converted his 1985 Mercedes wagon in April of '04 and is racking up Greasemiles as fast as he can with a 120 Mile round trip commute to work every day.