Greasecar Customer Profiles

I just converted my car this August, and am now 17 but have been
planning and pushing to do it since I was 16. I see how important it is to be one of the first of my generation to do so in this country, if
not the world, and hope others will catch on soon!

Mark Howard's 1997 Passat was converted by Greasecar installer Daryl Beck in May of '04. Mark easily travels 1,700 miles before he has to start thinking abour refilling his diesel fuel tank. A Navy reservist, Mark feels it is important to do what he can to reduce the dependence on foreign oil. He has logged about 6,000 Greasemiles in his first 6 months.

69 year old Don Carrington stopped by recently to show off the Greasecar system he installed single handedly in this 2000 VW Jetta. Don has been a long time diesel owner and restaurant owner so getting a Greasecar was the next natural step. He's giving us the OK signal.

Seth converted this 1985 Benz in the fall of 2002.

Steve H. and William L. love their 1982 VW diesel Westfalia! Steve installed the kit in two days and William filters vegetable oil from the local Chinese restaurant. Both say it runs better on veggie oil!