Greasecar Customer Profiles

Tony Thorpe's Jetta TDI uses Biodiesel as its start up fuel and Grease as its main fuel. Tony uses the Jetta for daily driving while his Greasebus is for touring the country with his band. The Jetta's been burning grease for a year. Check out Natures First Law

I have a 1997 VW Golf Diesel and have been a happy Greasecar customer since October, 2007. I installed the system, with the microcontroller (Copilot), myself (I'm only moderately mechanically inclined), and I went with the larger 15 gallon tank. Since October I've driven approximately 15,000 miles on waste vegetable oil, and it's been smooth as silk, with no issues. I live in a cold climate in Ontario, Canada. I've got a French Fry stand guy giving me his oil.

Chunky's recently purchased a 2002 Dodge Ram and converted it to run on our own vegetable oil by purchasing a kit on Along with the conversion we gave the truck one of the most creative wraps I have ever seen. One side of the truck shows customers watching a movie at Chunky's while french fries are blowing from a guests plate into the gas tank. The truck has seen many events around the community since the conversion was completed in October 2008.

Devin has logged 3,000 Greasemiles since he converted his Mercedes in June 2004.

Randy's 2002 Excursion is equipped with a custom cargo area tank, with 40 Gallon capacity. Randy drove up from southern PA to have the vehicle converted here at Greasecar.