Greasecar Customer Profiles

Mike Paulsen of Stone Soup Concrete in Florence, MA with his VW Rabbit pickup truck.

Pat McCotter converted his 1985 Mercedes wagon in April of '04 and is racking up Greasemiles as fast as he can with a 120 Mile round trip commute to work every day.

Harry Morse had Mark Penta install a Greasecar kit in his 2004 Jetta wagon with the PD TDI. Another quality installation from the Gilead Garage!

As a green skateboard company owner, Sk8ology, I wanted a ride that was socially conscious AND still had some luxury bling factor.

After spending a year & a half searching for a low mileage S-Class Benz I finally found one in Phoenix and bought a one way ticket from San Diego to go buy it. After driving it home I promptly brought it up to Jack Bulko's shop, Auto Aid in Van Nuys, to have the Greasecar Kit installed. They did an awesome job on the install and were even able to replace the obsolete dash phone with the Greasecar Veggie Fuel gauge and switch.

Mark Leclerc had Mark Penta convert this 1997 Mercedes. In April 2006.