Greasecar Customer Profiles

Brayton's Jetta was converted in July of 2003. He has been driving on grease for over a year.

Greasecar recently outfitted this 2005 Passat Wagon TDI with all our newest conversion equipment. This Passat has less then 1300 diesel miles on its Unit Injector TDI engine. The vehicle has the new computer control unit and several other recent updates. Notice the outdoor temperature of 28' and the veggie temp of 182'.

Outdoor movie teater that runs on solar panels
All in one vehicle

It took me a long time to find this car. I wanted a '99.5-'03 TDI with less than 100,000 miles on it. I wanted automatic transmission, black exterior, cloth interior, and something that hadn't been beat on.

During the first month, I had the timing belt job completely done and had the timing slightly advanced, the compression checked, all fluids and filters replaced, the exhaust gas recirculation valve and intake manifold cleaned, and a general service done.