Greasecar Customer Profiles

Install is complete, and it?s working great. It was rather anti-climatic when I flipped that switch the first time? nothing happened! I stopped about 20 miles later to make sure something had happened. It?s nice that the VW has a transparent fuel line going into the injector pump ? you can see the gold-colored VO going through. Teeing into the heater hoses (behind the engine) wasn?t a walk in the park. But I?m very pleased with the results so far.

I showed it to the guys here at work, and suddenly I?m a campus celebrity.

Devin has logged 3,000 Greasemiles since he converted his Mercedes in June 2004.

1991 Jetta with 181,000 miles
Purchased from charity, Nevada Childseekers for $300.00
Total hours to convert to grease: 40 approx over 7 days.
Total hours and mileage to date on veggie oil 150approx, 5hrs approx (over 7
Initial test run on Sam's club soybean oil.
"dirty oil" donated from Catholic Charities soup kitchen - they put it aside
for me right out of the hopper.

This is David's 2nd Greasecar, a 1996 Dodge Cummins 12V. You can see the insulated box David put together to maintain heat in the harsh Michigan winters.

I just converted my car this August, and am now 17 but have been
planning and pushing to do it since I was 16. I see how important it is to be one of the first of my generation to do so in this country, if
not the world, and hope others will catch on soon!