Greasecar Customer Profiles

First off let me say thanks for a well engineered and quality built product.

The car is a 1987 Mercedes Benz 300D with 250,000 miles. My wife drives about 70 miles each day for work, and loves the smell!!!

Brett, Ashley and Ryan

We got this note from Lee Walker who converted his solar electric systems company's Powerstroke. 02' Powerstroke

After generating our own electricity and growing our own hydroponic fruits & vegetables, fuel was definitely the next step. It made perfect sense to convert the solar company delivery truck to grease as we?re already deeply involved in the renewable energy field. Lee is now able to deliver his solar electric systems to the most remote areas of the Southwest on veggie oil....

Mark Leclerc had Mark Penta convert this 1997 Mercedes. In April 2006.

Hi,  I am a technology education teacher at Memorial HS.  The types of Technology classes I teach are in the fields of Engineering and Automotive.  I have recently combined my Engineering and Automotive with Margaret Stegmann-Zelenka's Science class to create two new classes.  Alternative Fuel Education and the Science of Alternative Fuels.


Friends of the Inyo is a non-profit, public benefit organization dedicated to preserving the public lands and wildlife of the Eastern Sierra of California. We have conservation projects scattered through out the Owens Valley and the Sierra Nevada Mountains often requiring a 4X4 approach on rough roads through remote terrain. We currently use the truck when working on wilderness stewardship and conservation projects throughout the Sierra Nevada Great Basin and the Mountains of the central Sierra.