Greasecar Customer Profiles

Joel's 2001 F-250 Powerstroke looks more like a show truck then a plow truck, but both of its personalties now run on grease. Daryl Beck converted this truck as one of the Beta test Powerstrokes.
It?s equipped with the 40 Gallon Tread plate tank. Joel has logged over 4,000 Grease miles in the last 3 months, and is now looking for a diesel benz for converting. The Greasecar gauge and 3 position switch look stock in this set up.

Trip converted his Golf TDI a little over a year ago at 46,200 miles on the odometer. He has since clocked over 75,000 miles with a vast majority of those on grease. Check out the Virginian-Pilot feature on Trip and his Greased Golf in our 'In the Media' section. His installation pics can be found on

Hi Justin,
Here is the Jetta story!

After many years of researching and experiencing various renewable and
sustainable energy projects and classes, there were two events that
inspired me to do a veggie conversion. The first one was about six years ago. I saw Joshua's veggie van at the solar fest that was held in Hopland, CA.

I installed a Greasecar kit on my '85 Jetta in April, and have driven probably 12,000 miles since then. A friend and I drove it across the country this summer, from North Carolina to L.A. to Seattle and back, proving you can find vegetable oil anywhere (EVEN in Texas!). We visited Jason and Molly in California for a Greasecar reunion of sorts (thanks for the oil!). It's one of the best things I've ever done. I can't say how grateful and proud I am to not be a slave to the petroleum industry anymore. Most people still don't believe it's true.

Chunky's recently purchased a 2002 Dodge Ram and converted it to run on our own vegetable oil by purchasing a kit on Along with the conversion we gave the truck one of the most creative wraps I have ever seen. One side of the truck shows customers watching a movie at Chunky's while french fries are blowing from a guests plate into the gas tank. The truck has seen many events around the community since the conversion was completed in October 2008.