Greasecar Customer Profiles

Lou Preston's Winery 'Preston Vineyards' owns a whole family of Greasecars. The cast of characters is a 2002 VW Jetta, a 1960 Mercedes 190D, a 2002 Landini Crawler Tractor and 1995 Kubota 4WD tractor. All are outfitted with Greasecar conversion systems. The tractors work the vinyard land and turn out a number of wine's as well as olive oil, all farmed organically. Visit the website..

I love my greasecar, my 84 Volvo turbo diesel 760 is luxurious and frugal!
Me and my friend installed the kit in 2 nights, it was a really fun process and makes me really proud to procure my own fuel for free. I work at Whole Foods market and get the grease directly from the fryer! It certainly creates buzz around the store and I get to educate people about turning waste into energy.

Hi Folks,
I converted my 84 Volvo with one of your kits this spring and have put about 1000 grease miles on the car this summer. The engine ran smoothly on the first run and has been running smoothly ever since. I have an endless supply of used vegetable oil as I own a restaurant here in Frederick, MD (The Orchard). Thanks for a quality product.

Jim Hickey

A quick note to let you know that Andrew did a good job with my
install. Grease 2 works great. I got 37 MPG on the way home from
Memphis. I love the three-wayswitch. Very easy to use and I didn't
have to give up any dashboard space.

Best regards from Iowa!

Scott Westerman

Scott's second Grease Car with the latest and greatest kit as
installed by Deep Fried Rides. Grease 1 sold in less than 12 hours.
Here's how the Moline Dispatch covered Scott's adventures