Greasecar Customer Profiles

Another satisfied Greasecar customer here. I received my kit about a month ago and I already have logged 1,000 miles on grease. Even though I'm not a mechanic I did most of the installation of the system myself by watching the great DVD that you produced.

The only thing I didn't do was run the heater hoses from the engine compartment to the trunk. I left that up to the professionals at New Tech Automotive in Sarasota. They took a couple of hours and removed the heat shield and muffler and ran the hoses for me.

Bruce Davidson had Daryl Beck convert this 12Valve Dodge Cummins in January of 05. This Greasetruck has a custom 38 gallon grease tank and a remote fill for easy top offs. Bruce uses this truck for construction as well as plowing the New England snow.

69 year old Don Carrington stopped by recently to show off the Greasecar system he installed single handedly in this 2000 VW Jetta. Don has been a long time diesel owner and restaurant owner so getting a Greasecar was the next natural step. He's giving us the OK signal.

Holly Ernest installed her Greasecar kit as part of her highschool senior project.

Attached is a photo of our 2002 VW Jetta which was upgraded to WVO in Nov 2005.
The plate "PAPANAM" means "Where are we going?" in Tagalog (Filipino).
In two years of driving (we were both in Iraq for at least a year) over 150K miles
were put on the car, and we intend to continue, only using WVO.
In addition to the kit, we had an second fuel filler put on the drivers side,
so that the trunk wouldn't have to opened.
Thank you all at GreaseCar!
Russ & Emi Cummings
Fultonville, NY