Greasecar Customer Profiles

Filtered 1 micron, Dewatered. Runs perfect.

Our friends at Pepsi Cola Dist. in Medford OR. with their converted Sales Fleet of TDI Greasecars!! We wish them continued success and keep burning that VEG!!

This is Randall Webber's 1997 F350, The initial cruise was made in -20F weather, it took approx 15 miles to get it warm, after topping off the coolant, the 40 gallon tank is insulated in a custom box with 2 inches of extruded pink board surrounding it, The hoses are insulated and loomed from the engine compartment all the way back to the bed and even the 6-8 inches from the bed to the tank! The switch was incorporated into the dash with the fuel gauge mounted in a chrome gauge holder attached to the bottom of the dash just under the power point.

I bought my kit from Greasecar and had the kit installed

The veggie oil fuel tank is in my trunk, I have a container at the back door of a restaurant (they use 100% soy oil to fry falafels). *Check out the rims!*

My friends claim they can smell me coming (they can't), and my wife continues to think I'm a little out there (maybe I am). But as long as I can claim that falafels give me gas without a scowl on my face, I'll tolerate the grease jokes. Conversion done by GoodOil Boys, in KY.

Brayton's Jetta was converted in July of 2003. He has been driving on grease for over a year.