Greasecar Customer Profiles

Mark Wilson drove up from Baton Rouge, LA to have Daryl Beck install a Greasecar system on his 2004 VW Jetta TDI Wagon. Mark opted for the automated control unit, which is showing temps of 194' at idle.

Peter is seen here with Jim the bassist of the band Barenaked Ladies and Adam from the band Guster. Peter's VW Jetta Wagon has had a greasecar system for over a year and a half.

George's 1996 Passat Wagon TDI is seen here in the Illinois winter. Geroge has been driving on grease since May 2003.

Lincoln and Becca Smith have logged 6,000 greasemiles since Greasecar installer Daryl Beck converted this black Jetta in June 2004.

We use our greased Suburban to pull our travel trailer over to the coast from our house in Hunters, WA. And we also use it for the "big trips" to Spokane, since we live 2 hrs. away from there.