Greasecar Customer Profiles

A quick note to let you know that Andrew did a good job with my
install. Grease 2 works great. I got 37 MPG on the way home from
Memphis. I love the three-wayswitch. Very easy to use and I didn't
have to give up any dashboard space.

Best regards from Iowa!

Scott Westerman

Scott's second Grease Car with the latest and greatest kit as
installed by Deep Fried Rides. Grease 1 sold in less than 12 hours.
Here's how the Moline Dispatch covered Scott's adventures

This is my second Jeep to install a kit in. fFrst was my Wrangler diesel conversion.

The Cherokee is a U.S, Spec 1985 Turbo intercooled Diesel. 2.1 L Renault. Rare automatic VIN. number 000005. With 58,000 orginal miles on it.

I just ran my second tank of diesel and used 15 gal of diesel and 51 gal of WVO to go 1,538 miles. That is oer 100mpg on the diesel.  Who needs a  hybrid.  

Our friends at Pepsi Cola Dist. in Medford OR. with their converted Sales Fleet of TDI Greasecars!! We wish them continued success and keep burning that VEG!!

Ivan and his wife are shown here at the 2005 MREA with thier 1994 F-250. This truck has a custom 40 Gallon Grease tank which Ivan encased in what can only be described as a super insulation box. This multi-layered insulation has kept tank temperatures of 140' F overnight in the middle of WI winters. Ivan donated 20 Gallons of clean oil to the Greasecar oil supply, which helped us get back home.

I'd like to submit the attached photo to be published
on your website as a "Grease Car Profile" endorsement
for your great conversion kit! Converted using your
Greasecar kit in November 2004, with 6,000 trouble
free greasy miles!

Our Greasecar:
1982 Mercedes Benz 300TD

Attached is a picture of myself, my wife Monette, and
our children, Kyle and Maia. Possibly the first
greasecar to ascend Pikes Peak. Here we are with our
veggie powered Mercedes near Pikes Peak 14,100 ft.