Greasecar Customer Profiles

This Suburban is not your average SUV,more like a VUV (veggie utility vehicle). With a newly installed Greasecar system, Viva and her crew Made haste to N. California for the High Sierra music festival, the first stop on their festival tour promoting bio-fuels. Look for them at a festival near you in the month of July.

Ivan and his wife are shown here at the 2005 MREA with thier 1994 F-250. This truck has a custom 40 Gallon Grease tank which Ivan encased in what can only be described as a super insulation box. This multi-layered insulation has kept tank temperatures of 140' F overnight in the middle of WI winters. Ivan donated 20 Gallons of clean oil to the Greasecar oil supply, which helped us get back home.

Mike Paulsen of Stone Soup Concrete in Florence, MA with his VW Rabbit pickup truck.

Doug Fuss has been planning his conversion for over a year, and recently had Daryl Beck install a system on this 1999 Bug. Doug owns Bull Feeney's Restaurant & Pub in Portland, Maine and usually would have to pay $50 a week to have 20 Gallons of used oil hauled away. Instead that oil will now power his Greasecar as he commutes around New England, saving money at the pump as well as at work. You can't see it in this photo, but Doug has a magnet which reads "Reducing Americans dependency on Foreign Oil, One pint at a time"

Steve's 4X4 Ford F250 is a real work truck. He uses it everyday for hauling sheet rock, paints, ladders, contracting equipment and anything else he may need on the job. Steve has logged 5,000 since June 2004. "I love my Greasetruck" says Steve.