Greasecar Customer Profiles

Daryl Beck installed a Greasecar system on this 1999 Mercedes E300. Doug owns a pair of these and the 2nd Benz will be greased up soon.

Joe's Dodge Cummins is a big rig decked out with CB , running lights, side markers,a Grease kit and a bit of lift. Joe's a fireman out on cape cod and uses this truck when he's not on the Engine. Daryl Beck helped Joe with the install in November of 2004.

Outdoor movie teater that runs on solar panels
All in one vehicle

Here is Stew MacDonald with his 1981 Delta 88 "Royale". Randall Webber drove down to Harbor Springs Michigan and helped Stew complete the conversion. The weekend proved typical of Northern Michigan with a mix of rain, sun, sleet and snow. Stew completed this project for his final physics grade and even wrote the grant to have the car and project financed.

Here`s a few pics of my truck and the installation. Followed the instruction booklet per the letter and found that it was invaluable. My advice to new installers would be to read it cover to cover a couple of times before you start, just like it says. The installation went fairly smoothy and when I did get stuck, the guys were very helpful and correspondence was prompt. I received the kit within a week and that includes clearing Canada Customs. I found everything was professionally packaged and all intact. All in all, I grade the Greasecar kit 10 out of 10.