Greasecar Customer Profiles

2002 VW Jetta TDI GLS - 4 dr - silver: 185k miles

full grease car system with co-pilot and copper, flat heat plate.

Installed by professional mechanic (not greasecar mechanics as there weren't any at the time).

I've run about 400 gallons of grease thru it.  my best run, (from full to empty diesel tank) was about 1600 miles.

roughly 125 miles on the gallon. 

Car runs very well and is in great shape.

I have a super short commute to work and haven't been able to use the car as I did.

Lou Preston's Winery 'Preston Vineyards' owns a whole family of Greasecars. The cast of characters is a 2002 VW Jetta, a 1960 Mercedes 190D, a 2002 Landini Crawler Tractor and 1995 Kubota 4WD tractor. All are outfitted with Greasecar conversion systems. The tractors work the vinyard land and turn out a number of wine's as well as olive oil, all farmed organically. Visit the website..

Fezzik is our main workhorse for our suburban neighborhood farm, "Laurel Circle CSA".

Happily recycling wvo for almost a year now.

As a piano tuner, I do a lot of driving. The amount of gasoline I use in a year really bothered me for several reasons. First, as an environmentalist, I wanted an alternative that would be less polluting. Second, the dependency on foreign oil in this country has so many short and long-term problems that I was eager to find a fuel source made in the USA.

Mike purchased his van in California due to the lack of clean diesel vans in New England. It is a non-enriched turbo-diesel (similar to an eco-diesel.) after a tough start in the Vermont winter he has finally worked out the bugs of his system and is greasing along smoothly. He'll be the first to tell you that there is nothing like dirty injectors to ruin your grease driving pleasure.