Greasecar Customer Profiles

I installed a Greasecar kit on my '85 Jetta in April, and have driven probably 12,000 miles since then. A friend and I drove it across the country this summer, from North Carolina to L.A. to Seattle and back, proving you can find vegetable oil anywhere (EVEN in Texas!). We visited Jason and Molly in California for a Greasecar reunion of sorts (thanks for the oil!). It's one of the best things I've ever done. I can't say how grateful and proud I am to not be a slave to the petroleum industry anymore. Most people still don't believe it's true.

Peter Clark's converted Golf TDI is a compliment to he and his wife's mission to live as healthy and sustainably as possible in rural VT. Peter has logged 20,000 greasemiles.

Brayton's Jetta was converted in July of 2003. He has been driving on grease for over a year.

Zack's 1997 Passat Wagon has been crusin' on grease since October 2002. The wagon holds the famous custom 'piano tank'.
"love the kit, love the car, so does everybody else."-Zack

Mike Paulsen of Stone Soup Concrete in Florence, MA with his VW Rabbit pickup truck.