Greasecar Customer Profiles

69 year old Don Carrington stopped by recently to show off the Greasecar system he installed single handedly in this 2000 VW Jetta. Don has been a long time diesel owner and restaurant owner so getting a Greasecar was the next natural step. He's giving us the OK signal.

Scott and his TDI Golf in Washington DC at the Tour De Sol 2003. Learn more about Scott's Golf

Dave Dunham of Smarter Fuel installed our Greasecar kit in October 2005, and we?ve driven over 10,000 greasy miles since then. In November, Jean was elected to the Board of Supervisors of our township. This picture was taken at our recent Township Day celebration, where our car was displayed as an example of alternative energy sources by the Environmental Advisory Board. We had lots of fun talking about our experience and demonstrating that waste vegetable oil is a viable fuel.

Chewy is the work truck of the Clean Vibes organization. Clean Vibes runs the waste and recycling programs at Phish shows and music festivals like Bonnaroo and the Vermont Alternative Energy Festival. In just 5 months Chewy has logged 50,000 greasemiles traveling all over the country. Chewy is a 1996 Dodge Cummins 12 Valve, seen here in the snow of Vermont. Check out Clean Vibes

Tony Thorpe and The Healing Waters Band tour the country in this massive GreaseRig. It is a 1979 MCI bus with a Detroit Diesel, and a 100 Gallon custom Greasecar tank. You can check out
the bands site