Greasecar Customer Profiles

I have a 1997 VW Golf Diesel and have been a happy Greasecar customer since October, 2007. I installed the system, with the microcontroller (Copilot), myself (I'm only moderately mechanically inclined), and I went with the larger 15 gallon tank. Since October I've driven approximately 15,000 miles on waste vegetable oil, and it's been smooth as silk, with no issues. I live in a cold climate in Ontario, Canada. I've got a French Fry stand guy giving me his oil.

I live in Michigan in a small town. My son has been fooling around with diesel cars since he was 16 years old. He bought himself an old VW Golf and figured out how to convert it to run Veggie Oil by himself. He ran around town with that car for 2 yrs. My son told me to find a diesel car, so I bought this fine 1983 Mercedes 300D. My son found out about and we ordered the kit. Much easier then making it all yourself.. but Hey, It did work! So now I am a happy owner of a converted car. There were a few adjustments in the beginning, but we got it figured out.

Patrick is a senior at Kansas State University where he is studying mechanical engineering. Patrick and a friend installed the conversion kit in January of '08 for a study of vegetable fuel systems Patrick is working on.

Hi! We're Seth, Tyler and Corey...

Life long friends, documentarians and fearless adventurers.

We are setting out on an epic journey across America documenting stories about you and the work done in your community to support youth —just the way our small town in Maine still supports us.

The world is full of good people doing great things yet the news is full of bad stories and depressing events.

We're out to do our best to change that...and you're going to help!

Deb & Ricky's Ford Clubwagon is called the SOL Patrol. It is one of many education tools used by Seeds Of Solidarity, a farm and educational organization which uses solar greenhouses to extend the growing season and renewable energy and fuels to provide off the grid power to their home and farm. The van is outfitted with a solar electric system, two photovoltaic panels, plus batteries, inverter and a charge controller.