Greasecar Customer Profiles

BEN Namibia is a non-profit organization based in Namibia in South-west
Africa, where we distribute bicycles to health care volunteers and help
establish community bike shops to provide local repair and maintenance
services and create local employment.

Aaron (with a little help from me) installed it in BEN Namibia's Isuzu without too much fuss ... it has been a pure pleasure, and I've done a lot of long trips on 100% or at least majority vegetable oil.

To reduce our transport costs we were making biodiesel from waste vegetable oil to run our Isuzu KB250 pickup.

Line and her Rabbit at the Greasecar shop in Florence, MA. Line is a Greasecar fabricator.

Juliet and dog Rosie with the antique 1972 Mercedes Greasecar.

Hi Justin,
Here is the Jetta story!

After many years of researching and experiencing various renewable and
sustainable energy projects and classes, there were two events that
inspired me to do a veggie conversion. The first one was about six years ago. I saw Joshua's veggie van at the solar fest that was held in Hopland, CA.

Filtered 1 micron, Dewatered. Runs perfect.