Greasecar Customer Profiles

117,500 miles at the time of installation.

Since the install I?ve put on another 5000 miles using vegetable oil. So far no problems and I?m loving the amount of diesel that I?m ?NOT? using. The Greasecar adventure has been interesting and fun. I drive approx 1500 miles per week to go back and forth to work. The Grease car system is saving me a significant amount of money not having to use much diesel. My wife is now on board with the idea, and doing a wonderful job at acquiring vegetable oil sources.

Fezzik is our main workhorse for our suburban neighborhood farm, "Laurel Circle CSA".

Happily recycling wvo for almost a year now.

Randall installed his second Greasecar conversion kit in his '94 Chevy Suburban. Here is a note he sent along with the photo:

Hey guys I've finally done it. Between two energy fairs and a TV interview the "Burb" is up and running on grease. I went 440 miles and used two gallons of diesel in the start/purge process. In fact Bruce Dembraski is going to pick his up and I offered to help him convert it, he is up in the U.P. also and ordered his kit already. I will be converting my daughter's 1982 Westy camper once she saves some more money to purchase the kit. Keep on greasin!!

I installed a 2.1 Renault diesel from a Jeep Cherokee into my 88 Wrangler. The engine is the same one used in the Winnie veggie wagon. The Greasecar kit works great. 30 mpg on grease!

Tony Thorpe and The Healing Waters Band tour the country in this massive GreaseRig. It is a 1979 MCI bus with a Detroit Diesel, and a 100 Gallon custom Greasecar tank. You can check out
the bands site