Greasecar Customer Profiles

I have a 1997 VW Golf Diesel and have been a happy Greasecar customer since October, 2007. I installed the system, with the microcontroller (Copilot), myself (I'm only moderately mechanically inclined), and I went with the larger 15 gallon tank. Since October I've driven approximately 15,000 miles on waste vegetable oil, and it's been smooth as silk, with no issues. I live in a cold climate in Ontario, Canada. I've got a French Fry stand guy giving me his oil.

Seth converted this 1985 Benz in the fall of 2002.

Jaia Suri is a traveling folk musician making her way around the country. Refusing to go on tour with petroleum she credits Greasecar technology for enabling her travels. Her F.350 Superduty TDI was converted using Greasecar technology by Jason Goodman of Reciprocal Arts, CA. Check her out in a town near you. You can find her latest album, "Truck-Stop Gypsy," at

I just graduated from art school in Florida, but while I was down south
I ran into a few students from NOLS (The National Outdoor Leadership
School) at a tree house hostel in Brunswick, Georgia. They arrived on a
veggie-converted diesel city bus, and therefore we lovingly titled them
the Veggie Kids. They gave me a lot of information on converting and got
the gears in my head turning. A few months later, my beloved Volvo
station wagon rusted to death on her last mile in northern Virginia.

Jonathan Pratt has been getting a lot of attention in his 1995 F-250. As a owner of multiple restaurants he?s got a great supply of more grease then he can burn, even in this big rig. The truck is from Arizona but you can stop for a bite to eat at either of Jon?s restaurants in southern New York. If you are lucky maybe he?ll fill up your tank too. Jonathan has been working the press and having fun with this greasetruck.