Greasecar Customer Profiles

Frank Urban drove from Kenucky to have Daryl Beck perform the installation on this 2005 Dodge Ram Big Horn Dually. The truck is outfitted with some new Greasecar technology as well as the on-board collection rig. This sleek dash panel holds the Greasecar level gauge and green temp gauge.

Hi Folks,
I converted my 84 Volvo with one of your kits this spring and have put about 1000 grease miles on the car this summer. The engine ran smoothly on the first run and has been running smoothly ever since. I have an endless supply of used vegetable oil as I own a restaurant here in Frederick, MD (The Orchard). Thanks for a quality product.

Jim Hickey

Jan K.

Converted in April 10' and plans on traveling the country in her 1995 Chevy Suburban with a Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems conversion. We wish her lots and lots of Greasy Miles!

I purchased a perfectly good and functional 1987 Volkswagen Cabriolet with a gasoline engine and converted it to 1.6 diesel VW power and custom WVO system using Greasecar components.  The engine is normally aspirated 1.6 diesel that has been rebuilt with a performance tuned fuel injection pump and injectors.