Greasecar Customer Profiles

Here`s a few pics of my truck and the installation. Followed the instruction booklet per the letter and found that it was invaluable. My advice to new installers would be to read it cover to cover a couple of times before you start, just like it says. The installation went fairly smoothy and when I did get stuck, the guys were very helpful and correspondence was prompt. I received the kit within a week and that includes clearing Canada Customs. I found everything was professionally packaged and all intact. All in all, I grade the Greasecar kit 10 out of 10.

Greetings from California! I have recently converted my 1985 Mercedes 300TD Wagon to the Greasecar Veggie Oil System and have been racking up greasy miles ever since. Since I get my waste oil from a Japanese restaurant, it seems to put a tempura aroma in the air where ever I go! As a musician, I load my instruments up in the back of my car and away I go, it saves me mucho deniro when traveling to gigs and rehearsals, and I am not contributing to the already smoggy California skyline either. Thanks Greasecar, and keep up the innovations.

Tony Parks
Santa Ana, California

Frank took his Mercedes SD to Mark Penta in Vermont for this installation.

Greasecar recently outfitted this 2005 Passat Wagon TDI with all our newest conversion equipment. This Passat has less then 1300 diesel miles on its Unit Injector TDI engine. The vehicle has the new computer control unit and several other recent updates. Notice the outdoor temperature of 28' and the veggie temp of 182'.

Attached is a photo of our 2002 VW Jetta which was upgraded to WVO in Nov 2005.
The plate "PAPANAM" means "Where are we going?" in Tagalog (Filipino).
In two years of driving (we were both in Iraq for at least a year) over 150K miles
were put on the car, and we intend to continue, only using WVO.
In addition to the kit, we had an second fuel filler put on the drivers side,
so that the trunk wouldn't have to opened.
Thank you all at GreaseCar!
Russ & Emi Cummings
Fultonville, NY