Greasecar Customer Profiles

Hi Justin,

I just want to let you know how pleased I am with the Greasecar kit that I just had installed on my 2001 Beetle. Installation was completed yesterday afternoon and I already have nearly 500 grease miles! The system operates flawlessly. Other than occasionally stopping to sniff the exhaust, the only way I know I am running on grease is the total lack of movement on my diesel fuel gage!

While I was waiting for Daryl to finish the installation, I had a chance to visit your shop. Lee gave me a quick tour.

Jed Civic had Mark Penta convert this '97 Ford Powerstroke quad cab with a 40Gallon tank and on-board collection / filtration gear. This is Jed's 2nd Greasecar.

Dave Dunham of Smarter Fuel installed our Greasecar kit in October 2005, and we?ve driven over 10,000 greasy miles since then. In November, Jean was elected to the Board of Supervisors of our township. This picture was taken at our recent Township Day celebration, where our car was displayed as an example of alternative energy sources by the Environmental Advisory Board. We had lots of fun talking about our experience and demonstrating that waste vegetable oil is a viable fuel.

The Great Green Ambulance has a custom designed greasecar kit which includes a 40 gallon vegetable oil tank and a sweet on-board filtration system which was purchased from Grease Car Vegetable Fuel Systems and installed by the mechanics at Advanced Technical Repair both located in the Happy Valley of Western MA . Check out their websites at: and

Tim Leanse had Daryl Beck convert this 1995 Chevy Van with a 40 gallon tank and an on the road gathering/filtering set up. Tim's band needed the gathering gear to collect grease when they hit the road for tours. Tim also opted for other extras too, you can see the temp gauge, vacc gauge, fuel gauge and switch, all mounted nicely to the left and right of the instrument cluster.