Greasecar Customer Profiles

1995 GMC Suburban 6.5L TD, Fryer Truck has been part of my fiscal and environmental arsenal since late 2005. The Greasecar system has been operational for almost 60 thousand miles on WVO.

Greetings from California! I have recently converted my 1985 Mercedes 300TD Wagon to the Greasecar Veggie Oil System and have been racking up greasy miles ever since. Since I get my waste oil from a Japanese restaurant, it seems to put a tempura aroma in the air where ever I go! As a musician, I load my instruments up in the back of my car and away I go, it saves me mucho deniro when traveling to gigs and rehearsals, and I am not contributing to the already smoggy California skyline either. Thanks Greasecar, and keep up the innovations.

Tony Parks
Santa Ana, California

Alex Smith drove out from California to have Daryl Beck install a Greasecar system on his 2006 VW Jetta. After kindly buying the entire Greasecar crew lunch, Alex was headed home to CA using the southern route across the entire US hopefully making some stops to play some golf.

Pat McCotter converted his 1985 Mercedes wagon in April of '04 and is racking up Greasemiles as fast as he can with a 120 Mile round trip commute to work every day.

Scott and his TDI Golf in Washington DC at the Tour De Sol 2003. Learn more about Scott's Golf