1981 Datsun Maxima 810 diesel for sale

1981 Datsun 810 Maxima Wagon by Nissan-- Rare Diesel  -waiting to be converted to veggie!  Asking $3,000

LD28 OHC 2.8L I6 Diesel engine (available in the US from 1981 through 1983) Engine is immaculate! 124,000 original miles. Purrs.

We have owned this car for three years. Our mechanic found it for us -- it was owned by an elderly woman -single owner -before us. It was top of the line in 1981 and looks and runs very much like a Mercedes. Really is a truck disguised as a wagon. No accidents or major dents, some minor rust. Clean title and DEQ (diesel!) tags through August 2012

Great mileage -- 30+ mpg.
5 speed manual transmission -was retrofitted with no problems-- It really cruises on the highway.
It has oversize tires- which have probably affected the odometer a bit.

Interior is plush velvet, now grey with some stains. All electric windows, radio, AC and heater work -- (fan control is funky) Key has a sweet spot. Lots of room -- we have slept in the back!

We have had very few problems for a car this age and have taken it on some long trips. Has been worked on by a mechanic who loves diesels. New clutch, New U-joints, new hoses and lines. Heavy duty retrofitted rack and new tow package.

This car is in great shape, but just isn't working out for us. We need something for either commuting or taking back country trips and this is not the right car. We thought we would do a veggie conversion, but it is not happening. This car needs to be used and loved.  We are in Portland, Oregon.

Contact Barbara for more information.  Morgan4  at  spiritone.com