WVO for sale in Vermont

I have WVO for sale in Montplier and Burlington. $1.00 per Gall. Filltered to 1 micron

Man that is a great price, I wish I was in that area of the country.

Michael R. Mullins
Professional Greasecar Installer
Austin TX

Hey There,

That is awesome! Trade some fuel for a set of tele skis and skins? Or a ski pass? Or borrow my pass for a day? :-) I may be hitting you up for some fuel very soon.

Hey, i'd like to buy some.  Can you email me?  soundwavelove at hotmail



How much do you have? You should make a profile on GreaseSource.com,

Hi, I will be passing through Montpelier and Burlington on Wednesday, June 29 around mid-day, would love to pick up ten cubies or so.  If that works for you, let me know where and when, and if I should bring empty cubies.  My email is mfraser61@yahoo.com.
Mark Fraser


I am in the process of converting ram 2500 98 12 valve. I am in Franklin, Que 90 minutes from Burlington. Please contact me so I can make arrangements to acquire some of your grease.
dainius at gobiking.net
thanks  dainius


I'm in the Burlington area and will buy grease from you on a regular basis. Please email me when you get a chance at: deetwo85@hotmail.com.

I am interested in buying some oil.  Please email me at mhhaake@yahoo.com

Hello Skicode3,

I would be interested in contacting you about getting oil from you if you still have oil on occasion.




Hey, you still. selling oil?  peter @ kaizenfarm. com