hamburger grease?

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I found a resturant that said I could have their grease. While I was filtering it, I noticed that it smelled funny.
I determined (by the smell) that they must have put some hamburger grease in with the veggie oil. Before I noticed, I got some mixed in with my good clean veggie oil. I would say about 1/2 gal. of hamburger grease to 30 gallons of veggie oil. I am thinking that little wont hurt my engine.
Any thoughts on this???
Does anyone know of a way to seperate it? (it seems to have blended well with the veggie oil. If it hadnt been for the smell and some scum on the top before I filtered, I might not have noticed)
I can live with a plugged filter, I just dont want to do any damage to my car.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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it should settle to the bottom after a while. You could also try FG's baking soda and salt method. Do a search for the particulars.

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Its not going to hurt the car. It will clog a filter if its not hot tho fat (hanburger grease) gets semi solid at pretty high temps. If its under 90 when it trys to go through a filter its definantly going to plug it up. Warm settle the oil at about 90 and the veg and fat will seperate out might take a day or so.

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