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Well, after years of tweeking to get the WVO system working as well as I could, I just put the old boy into semi-retirement. The main reason is that my commute is only about twenty miles round trip so an electric car makes more sense for me. It is still running great and I'll continue to use the suburban for long trips and to haul stuff, but that will probably be less than once a week.

A guy names James Weirick in Barberton, Ohio converted a Honda and I bought it from him. (Used WVO to make the 1000 mile round-trip to pick it up :) James is starting a new business and will convert your vehicle for about $10,000. His number is: 330-603-9921 or email: jamesweirick5@msn.com. The Honda goes 40 miles on a charge at 60 MPH. If you drive slower you can go farther, driving faster shortens the range. I had it up to 75 MPH in third gear during the test drive and he looks over at me with a smile and say, "Put it into forth or fifth and go a hundred if you want. I looked down at the amp meter and knew it could, but I chickened out. There will be plenty of electric cars in showrooms soon, but guys like James didn't want to wait. So I will be spending more time on the electric car forum now but wanted to say thanks again to everybody here.

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Do you have any concern about electomagnetic danger? I saw an article sometime ago on CNN about people getting head aches and stuff from driving a Prius and claimed the flow of electricity through the cars structure was causing them health issues...

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Not to be a jerk, but those people who claim "malaise" from their Prius, are...well... a little loony in the patootey?

Simple logic. If there were such an issue, would not the myriad of intense EM we expose ourselves to in almost all aspects of our lives be much more of a problem? What about subways and trolleys?

I did see an article where the main person complaining said her "wellness expert" told her it was the Prius. I wonder if they are a full "wellness PHD", or still in "wellness internship"?


BTW, I plan to get one of the first Chevy Volts at the end of next year.

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The 126V drive is isolated from the chassis. The stock 12V system is grounded through the chassis. But I agree that if you had the drive current available to the chassis you would have health problems. Like the the first time you touched the door handle while grounded :)