Companies from whom to buy prefiltered veggie oil

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Does anyone know of any companies from whom to buy vegetable oil which is prefiltered? I am in the Philadelphia, PA area.

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DieselGreen Fuels is located in Austin Tx and we sell 5 micron filtered and dewatered oil at @2.89 a gallon.

If you can't find a company to purchase your oil, start up a coop in your area.

Michael R. Mullins
DieselGreen Fuels
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B100 & 1 micron / dewatered grease for sale

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$2.89 ? For grease? Wow, unbelievable.

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Contact Smarterfuel ( if you're in the philadelphia area. He's located up around Allentown and sells/distributes filtered WVO.


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I have no personal experience with SmarterFuels, but when I approached the owner of a local rendering company about getting oil, he strongly recommended them. He said that they cherry pick their oil sources and use a 100K centrifuge for filtering. It's expensive though at almost $3 a gallon last time I looked.

Another option is They are closer to Philly and I have talked to them before. They were down under $2 a gallon, but if I recall correctly, they are not filtered enough to pour into your tank.