Greasecar in Maxim - March 2005

February 18, 2005
Greasecar is featured in the March 2005 issue of Maxim Magazine. Look for the article 'Have Fries, Will Travel'. Jennifer Love Hewitt is on this month's cover.

Justin named Newsmaker of 2004 - December 2004

December 28, 2004
Justin makes the Boston Herald's list of the years top newmakers along side Britney Spears, Cat Stevens and Bill O'Reilly

Greasecar put to test in Las Vegas, 2 part story - November 2004

November 30, 2004
What a world it would be if you could fill up your tank for free. Well it turns out, you can after converting it to run on used grease from a kitchen. Think that sounds far fetched? Saving You Money'...

Outside Magazine - November 2004

November 1, 2004
Greasecar founder and president Justin Carven makes Outside Magazine's list of the 25 coolest people now, along side Lance Armstrong and Arnold Schwarznegegger.

Greasecar user and restaurant Owner Jonathan Pratt - October 2004

October 1, 2004
Cruising in his turbocharged Ford F-250 pickup truck, Jonathan Pratt chuckles to himself as he drives past a gas station with ever-increasing diesel prices. Pay more than $2.50 a gallon for diesel...

Got Grease? -New York Times- October 2004

October 1, 2004
Dave Dunham, a Web master from Fayetteville, Ark., proclaims he is not an environmentalist, but just "incredibly cheap." Since 2001, he has fueled his cars with waste cooking oil he gets free from...

Greasecar Customer Brian McLaughlin makes news - October 2004

October 1, 2004
There's gold in them thar deep-fat fryers. And we're not talkin' french fries. We're talkin' used fry oil. Yep, the stuff that stays in the fryer after your fried chicken and your fried fish and your...

Patio Kings: Rock'n'Roll, Funk and Fuel; Band's Environmentally-Friendly Tour Van Runs on Vegetable Oil - August 2004

August 23, 2004
On the surface, the Patio Kings look like any other rock band on tour. With 25 cities and dozens of smoky clubs on its calendar, the band has traveled the country in a 1997 Chevy extended cargo van...

Good golly, Miss Molly, Patiokings are greased up to go - June 2004

August 2, 2004
Roll over, Motor City. Keep your oil, Iraq. Here come the Patiokings, a rockin'-in-rhythm band cruising to town in an environmentally correct, anti-establishment "Greasecar." Philadelphia Daily News

Driving vegetarian - August 2004

August 1, 2004
Record prices at the pump are peaking people's interest in fuel alternatives...