Randall W.

Randall W.

Randall Webber's Greasecar Jetta. Randall included some photos and info about his filtering setup.

Here it is, simple and workable, the filter came with the brass ends, I had to purchase the PVC connections to hook the 3/4 inch I.D. clear vinyl hose to. I bought the garden hose ends at the hardware store also ( like 79 cents each, the PVC adapters were 29 cents a piece). Do NOT heat your oil past 140f the rubber seals for the garden hose connections don't like it. I usually filter 10-15 gallons per filter cartridge. When flow becomes severely constricted change filters, the wire mesh (with particles in it) I hold over the pot while pouring veggie in it, that way these particles are kept at a minimum, if you do not prefilter the particles will clog the intake of the filter head ( so check it if after you changed filters and still have low flow) I let the pump run the oil down in the filter cartridge when changing and dump what was left back into the next pot for filtering, for EASY cleaning I remove the cartridge and fill the oil pot with HOT soapy water and run it through the whole setup, it cleans hoses,pump and filter, I finish by filling another pot with hot clear water and run it through until clear. guys, do clean up or your wife will give you grief. Hah!!