Randall W.

Randall W.

This is Randall Webber's 1997 F350, The initial cruise was made in -20F weather, it took approx 15 miles to get it warm, after topping off the coolant, the 40 gallon tank is insulated in a custom box with 2 inches of extruded pink board surrounding it, The hoses are insulated and loomed from the engine compartment all the way back to the bed and even the 6-8 inches from the bed to the tank! The switch was incorporated into the dash with the fuel gauge mounted in a chrome gauge holder attached to the bottom of the dash just under the power point. The valves where mounted on the "posts" that the plastic turbo cover hooked up to. Thanks guys for the dark logos, they are put into use quite well. See pics, everything worked well, I had to make a spacer for the diesel fuel filter because it was pinching the line to the injector (second stage) pump.