Anyone interested in doing an autopsy?

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I haven't posted in a long time. I've been greasing since 2005 and have combined grease miles of over 160K with 2 vehicles with no engine related problems. The first car that I've greased has a little over 100k grease miles with no engine related problems but was retired approx 3 years ago due to rust. It starts and runs fine and has good comression. I always wanted to see what the head and rings look like after 100K miles on grease. I do not have the space to take the head off, drop the pan and pull the pistons. If you have the space and the time and the interest please post your contact info. It should take about a day to take it apart and we will take photos and post them here. I have no plans to put it back together due to the rust and will have a junkyard haul it away afterwards. Any takers? If no one is interested , I'll just have it hauled off to the JY. Car is in SE CT.

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Wow, not pulling at least the head would be a shame.  Nobody tears open a good running WVO engine just to see.  This is a perfect opportunity.  Since you are planning on junking it, just pull it, take a bunch of pics, and throw it in the trunk when done.  What kind of car?

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I'm in NE CT - I might be up for the fun. What is the car?