Food for fuel?

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 I've heard people gripping about corn being turned into ethanol--blah blah blah--gas burner stuff.
 Well today I got a suprise when i went to go buy some black oil sunflower seed birdfood. Last winter  (IIRC) it was about $22 a 50 lb bag-today it was $34! I ask the nice lady behind the counter when /why is it so much more expensive this year. her response: " The supplier told us its becuse so much more of his supply is now being bought up by companies that are using it to make bio fuels" !
 Is nature + the economy getting back at us?  ;-)


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Using food for fuel is just plain stupid as long as some people are hungry or if supply-and-demand causes food prices to increase because of food going to fuel.  On the other hand, the W in WVO is waste.  This stuff would just be going to cosmetics or dog food.  It's much better going into my car because I'm a cheapskate.  The biggest "green" for me is the dollar :)