Is a Jetta Sportwagen TDI the right choice for my first greasecar? Cost?

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Hello everyone.  Long time listener, first time caller.  Actually, I really am new-ish here, but have found tons of useful information already as I've just scraped the surface of what I need to know about one day owning a greasecar.
Unfortunately, my timeline for purchasing a vehicle to later convert has been greatly accelerated.  So, I'm hoping that one or more of you might be able to accelerate my learning curve by fielding a few questions:
1.  I'm thinking about purchasing a new or fairly new (2010 - 2012) Jetta Sportwagen TDI that I would later convert.  I like the 'counterculture' vibe of what will be one of the last remaining wagons.  More importantly, I like a decent road vehicle that will still provide good mileage until such time as I convert it.  So, is this a "good" car to convert?  It at least seems to be something I see converted occasionally.
2.  If yes, is there any reason I should have a preference between the three model years mentioned above?  For example, is it better to convert a vehicle when it is brand new or after it has some miles on it?  Or does age not matter, and either would be equally fine?
3.  Again assuming I go with this vehichle, is anyone aware of any options I should / shouldn't consider?  Not yet sure if I'll be buying brand new or not.
4.  Lastly, does anyone care to give me an approximate cost as to what I can expect to pay to convert this vehicle, over and above the initial purchase price?
Thank you for whatever help you can offer.  I don't mean to sound desparate, but the need for this purchase came up on me much more quickly than I had anticipated.
 - Pat

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You cannot convert a new VW to WVO (new being post 2007).  You cannot even run it on biodiesel.  Maybe sometime in the future someone will figure out how, but I would not buy ones of those cars with the intention of running it on WVO.

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The 2006 models are the latest VW's that can be converted to wvo. 2007 and later are too computerized and will not run on wvo. If you definately want to go wvo, I'd look for an '06 with low miles.