Top 5 Things

  1. Greasecar conversion systems are designed for use with filtered vegetable oils only.
  2. When buying a vehicle to convert make sure it's in good condition. If you buy a lemon, it will still be a lemon after you convert it. Use our 23 point inspection checklist to help you out.
  3. Engine operating temperature plays a stronger role in proper fuel combustion than fuel temperature (general temperature guide lines are 150F+ engine temperature and 120F+ fuel temperature).
  4. Greasecar kits are ideally suited for those who do a lot of driving. The vehicle must start and stop on diesel (remember the engine needs to be warmed up and vegetable oil needs to be heated before it can be used) therefore if you drive short distances and shut off the engine before it has time to warm up, or if you drive infrequently this technology is not optimized for you.
  5. Do not underestimate the importance of proper and complete pre-filtering. The more energy and effort you put into filtering your oil the happier your car will be and the more successful you will be running on veg. Check out our article on filtering. Once you have a good system in place this process should take less than an hour per week. Please remember that newer vehicles require higher quality fuel than most older vehicles.