The Greasecar Home Filtration System heats and filters oil down to one micron and up to 10 gallons per minute! This simple system can fit in the corner of your garage and will allow you to keep your vehicle filled with clean vegetable oil even in the chill of winter.

 With Greasecar's home fueling station, filling your vehicle is simpler and quicker than going to the gas station. Operation is a breeze; pour used vegetable oil into the 55 gallon barrel (not included), turn on the barrel heater to warm the oil. Once the oil is warmed to between 100-150F the heater is turned off and the pump is turned on to flow the warmed oil right through the bag filter housing, transferring clean oil to your vehicle or storage containers at a rate of up to 10gpm. (Note: This system does not filter out water)

Kit includes:

  • 110 VAC 10 gallon per minute fuel transfer pump with inlet strainer, over pressure bypass and wall mounting bracket.
  • 120 VAC silicone thermostat controlled 55 gal barrel heater. Adjustable thermostat allows high heat for quick warm-up or lower settings for steady heating.
  • Aluminum bag filter housing rated for 25 gallons per minute and 300psi with steel stand.
  • Pressure gauge for monitoring filter quality.
  • Dispensing nozzle with trigger lock.
  • Reinforced 1 inch I.D. suction and discharge hoses
  • 3 bag filters (10-5 micron nominal high capacity , 5-1 micron nominal high capacity and 5 micron nominal. )

(55 gallon steel or aluminum barrel must be purchased separately from local barrel supplier. Reconditioned barrels are generally available for less than $20. Red Jerry can not included.)

Price: $1,200.00

110VAC Stationary Filtration Kit