Greasecar Custom 24" Aluminum Round Tank- Greasecar's complete, heated vegetable oil tank for storage in your spare tire well. Comes Featuring Viton grommets, high efficiency handmade copper heat exchanger, built-in level sender, hose-in-hose compression fitting, and race-style flush mount fuel cap. 100 % Made in the USA.

These 13 gallon tanks are high quality laser-cut aluminum, professionally TIG welded and assembled to our specifications. They are shaped for easy fit in the spare tire well. Included Copper heat exchangers offer the best heat exchange from your coolant and added resistance to cracking. They also feature viton grommets and internal compression fittings for hose-in-hose fuel line heating (3/8" OD fuel line). External 5/8" hose barbs are custom built for Greasecar's tanks. Product package includes built in low-profile fuel level sender and race-style flush mount cap for easy filling.  Built in positive and negative pressure vents in the fuel cap and hatchplate ensure your tank breathes(crucial to any fuel system).

The 24" round tank is designed to fit into the spare tire well with vehicles featuring doughnut size spare tires. This is a popular tank for vehicles with full sized spares such as VW Golf, Jetta and Beetle and Mercedes .

24" Tirewell Tank (13 gal)