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Greasecar filter T-3 bags are meant for use in filtration housings, like the ones that come in our home or on-board filtration systems. Dual layer,  single layer 5 micron nominal and absolute-rated 1 micron polyester felt filtration bags are available.


Nominally rated bags use an average filtration efficiency rating (generally between 80-90%) while absolute rated bags are designed to catch all particles over the rated micron size. We recommend dual layer bags as a good solution for only having one style bag on hand for your filtration needs. As the larger micron inner bag will catch larger particles and finer outside bag will further polish the oil. 

5-1 Micron (nominal rating) Polyester Filtration Bag
Trade size 3 fits Greasecar's On-board and Stationary filtration housings
Retaining ring to keep filter shape & handle for easy removal
Max Temp: 300°F
Max Flow: 25gpm

Bag Filter Trade Size 1 & 3 (5-Pack)

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