Greasecar's Manual Controller Kit - Simplify you conversion project and save time with this universal wiring kit. Kit includes all of the items you will need to power and control any 2 or 3 solenoid valve conversion system and provides you with a clean and straightforward installation.

-Color-coded wiring harness makes installation and trouble shooting a snap. Gauge terminals and milti-pin rocker switch plug will save time and head scratching and accessory leads allow you to splice in additional gauges.

-3-way lighted rocker switch allows for Veg, diesel and purge options all in one unit with illumination that lets youn know at a glance what mode you are in.

-Gauge and switch mounting bracket are provided for straightforward control mounting

- (NO Longer Available) Buzz Box purge alarm provides an audible tone to alert you if you forgot to purge your system before shutdown.

-Lighted fuel level gauge is compatible with any 240-33 Ohm level sender (such as the Isspro units we offer).

-Hardware included are fuse holders, fuses, all required US made quality terminals.

-Loom accessories will allow you to clean up you installation for a professional factory look.

Note:  This kit not meant for use with motor driven valves.

  • Full color-coded wiring harness
  • 3-way switch
  • Greasecar Fuel Gauge
  • Instuctional Wiring Schematic Included

Manual Control Kit