Greasecar's Complete Raptor RP-150 Pump Kit- Raptor RP-150 high flow vegetable oil pump with built-in pressure adjustment and pressure gauge. Set up for dual tank systems, this pump comes with a custom dual relay wiring harness to power both your diesel and vegetable oil pumps with a single trigger wire control. This kit includes the Raptor RP-150 fuel pump, pressure gauge, and custom dual relay wiring harness. The Raptor RP-150 is an industry leading fuel pump putting out 150 gallons an hour with pressures up to 44psi (with integrated adjustable pressure regulator) and now comes with a limited manufacturers warranty. For added convenience of setting your desired pressure, we've included a 0-60psi pressure gauge right onto the pump. Our dual relay wiring harness was built from the ground up for use in dual pump vegetable oil conversion systems, allowing you to switch your power from the diesel and vegetable oil lift pump with a single 12v trigger. Initially designed to be a simple plug

Raptor Fuel Pump (RP-150)