Conversion Services

Are you interested in converting to Grease? Are you intimidated by the installation process? Do you not have the time to do it yourself? No worries! Greasecar now does complete installs as well as custom tank work. Not only are we the number one distributor of WVO retrofit kits, we also have the knowledge and experience to install the system exactly as its meant.

Since we are not a repair garage, we are not set up to do general repair work. We strictly do Greasecar kit installations. As I'm sure you would never build a house on a faulty foundation, we won't do installations on vehicles that are not in good health. If you would like us to inspect your vehicle to see if it is ready for the upgrade of its life, we are happy to do so for a small $100 fee. All vehicles must pass this inspection before any installation work is done to the vehicle, so if you live far away, please fax or email us the completed inspection form before you make the haul out to our facilities.

To schedule an installation please call us at 413-372-5013 or email us at

As an additional service to our customers we can connect you to an INDEPENDENT GARAGE with expertise in installing Greasecar kits. Please note that these shops are not associated with Greasecar and therefore are not equipped to answer your pre-purchasing questions. We have trained customer support staff ready to answer any and all your questions to ensure you get the correct kit for your vehicle. Please direct all questions to 413-372-5013.

In order to deliver the best service possible, it is essential that your vehicle has a clean bill of health. Refer to our 23 point inspection worksheet which you can download off of our site and take to your trusted mechanic. Once your inspection is complete and all problems addressed, we'll be happy to serve you.