SKU: AC-PUISI 12V Pump Kit

Greasecar High Quality 12V Transfer Pump Kit: This is a portable unit for transferring fuel, fitted with
a pump run by a 12 V electric motor. Thanks to its small size, reliability and simple installation, it is
specially useful when fuel must be transferred or dispensed safely having only battery power on hand.

Performance Specifications:
• Power supply: 12 V DC 
• Flow rate: 9 -18 Gallons per Min.
• Suction capacity: up to 6.5' FT
• Duty cycle: 30 min.

Technical Features:
• Self-priming rotary vane pump,
with cast-iron casing.
• Fixed-brush motor with
permanent-magnet stator.
• Terminal board for switches and
• 6.5' FT cable with clips for
connection to battery.
• Antistatic fuel hose, 12' FT
length, 3/4” diameter.
• Aluminium hand-nozzle.
• Bottom-filter for intake tube.

Price: $225.00